Identity Guard Theft Protection Review

Identity Guard is rated as the best in its class and offers a wide range of identity protection to consumers to help protect them from the ever growing problem of identity theft. Identity Guard will not only monitor your credit score, it also monitors other personal information as well.

Your credit is not the only thing vulnerable to identity thieves. Your social security number, date of birth and drivers license are also important pieces of information that a thief can use to steal your identity and cause you some serious problems. A thief can steal your identity without applying for credit; they can apply for a job using your name that can result in you owing the IRS back taxes. Identity Guard monitors your credit reports on a daily basis and alerts you of any suspicious activity.

Hackers like to sit behind the scenes when people are online waiting for their perfect chance to steal a person’s information. They then either use the information to open up accounts or sell the information to other identity thieves. Identity Guard uses a patented scanning technology that is constantly monitoring for any misuse of your social security number, account numbers, etc.

In addition, they also keep a close watch on your public records and report any changes. this include changes like: addresses of property owned, children’s names and schools and changes in other assets. This is done daily, so there are no surprises.

Also included with your Identity Guard protection is anti-virus and anti-spy ware protection for your computer. It constantly looks for viruses, Trojans and worms They even have anti-key logging software that encrypts all your keystrokes. These services are provided free of charge with your Identity Guard subscription.

Due to using wi-fi hotspots for cell phones, PDA’s and laptops, your mobile devices are especially vulnerable. Identity Guard offers Mobile Lockbox for all of your mobile devices. This gives you a secure storage location where you can access your personal records and financial accounts.

There is no price that a person can put on having piece of mind that their identity is safe. The Identity Guard Total Protection will only cost an individual $17.99 a month and offers:

-Credit scores four times a year
-Daily surveillance of the internet’s “financial black market”. Identity Guard uses a patented scanning technology to help ensure that identity thieves are not stealing your information online
-Credit monitoring of all three credit bureaus. Receive an email or text message of any activities that may be suspicious
-Personal public reports and monitoring give you an up to date summary of public information
-Application monitoring performs daily scanning for applications fraudulently submitted in your name. this includes credit, retail, cell phones, mortgages and loans
-Added security for your computer, cell phone and PDA. This includes anti-virus software, mobile lockbox and privacy protect (anti keystroke logging program).
-Unlimited toll free customer service number to get answers to your questions
-Up to $1,000,000 in identity theft insurance at no additional charge

If You Are Concerned About ID Theft, Try Identity Guard Today

Identity Guard has covered all areas where a hacker can gain access to your information and have processes and procedures in place to identify those attacks as they happen so they can be stopped before a thief destroys your life. Sign up for Identity Guard and put all of your fears of having your identity stolen aside. With all of the features that Identity Guard has to offer, there is no better solution to solving the identity theft problem. Their innovative technology will pick up on any suspicious activity as it is taking place and alert you so that further action can be taken to stop identity theft.